LAG Acoustic & Electro Acoustic Guitars

LAG Acoustic & Electro Acoustic Guitars


    LAG Acoustic & Electro Acoustic Guitars are a French brand whose style really sets them apart from the crowd.

    Shown below are my personal recommendations that I think you will find of most value from the range.  As a quick guide...

    70 Series: Immense value with solid tops and open pore finishes.  Looking for a stylish acoustic or electro on a sensible budget?  This is the one

    88 Series: Add gloss and some nice trims and you get these lovely models and for only a few extra pounds

    170 Series:  French satin finish which is beautiful and an upgraded pickup system.  A gorgeous electro available in standard depth and the super slim for stage and recording

    118 Series: Fancy the 170 in a gloss finish and with a choice of colors in both standard depth and super slim you have the 118 models.

    270 Series:  Snakewood is really quite stylish visually and this is the main stand out feature of the 270 models

    Hope that helps!  All the guitars mentioned above range from £199 for the standard acoustic 70 series through to £449 for the 270 so all incredibly affordable and highly recommended guitars that we will set up to perfection in our workshop