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Dowina Rosewood (Ceres) HC Hybrid Nylon String Cutaway

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Andrea G.
Dowina Hybrid guitar

Great service from friendly and helpful chaps. Listened to what I wanted and picked out some super guitars for me to play. Unhurried, no pressure. Chose the Dowina as the tone is fabulous

Judith Q.
Fabulous guitar! Have been searching

Fabulous guitar!

Have been searching for a crossover nylon guitar for some time and bought a few duds along the way ..looking for one that sounded as good as my old classical.

This one definitely fits the bill. It is incredibly resonant with a very long sustain, making it great for playing acoustically. A rich and warm tone as a result of carefully selected woods by Dowina. Love it!

Also had great experience at Richards Guitars ..and Jake was a real help in my choosing the right guitar and getting it sent to me as soon as was possible.

Joe H.
Dowina bought sight unseen!

I've been looking for a nylon strung guitar for sometime. I began by experimenting by putting nylon strings on my steel string Tanglewood just to see if that might be a good direction for me - it seemed ok, so after looking around i bought a Cordoba fusion 48mm nut width. But somehow i never got on with it, and i found it a struggle to play. So began some research into narrow neck nylons, a bit of a niche corner of the market it seems. I tried a Yamaha but although playable, i personally found it souless. Then after discovering Richards video reviews the name Dowina came up. After looking local dealers as i live far from Stratford upon Avon, I couldn't find anywhere to try one (one so called dealer seemed disinterested, and another although seemingly helpful never followed up with the return info he promised). I contacted Dowina directly and Erika (owners daughter) came back with very helpful advice about what neck sizes, woods that would be good to compliment nylon strings etc etc and told me that Richards Guitars would help.
And help they certainly did! I spoke to Jon and outlined my direction and he helpfully allayed my fears about 48mm necks. I've never spend £1000 on a guitar before and really wanted to see and feel if a Dowina would be right for me. So, he kindly allowed me to make a returnable deposit as long as i didn't order anything to be built that was too far away from standard that then couldn't go into stock should i decide i didn't like it when coming to pick it up. Well, it arrived early about a month I think - instead of the 12-18 weeks quoted. As it wasn't convenient for me to collect at that time i decided i couldn't wait, and as the team at Richards ( Jon and Jake) had been so helpful and knowledgeable, and i trusted them, i decided to bite the bullet and have it sent.
It arrived well packaged, double boxed, and clean as a whistle. And what a beauty it is in sound and looks! My fears about the 48mm neck were completely unfounded, the neck shape and set-up make it extremely playable. I have dropped the action a little since further to my taste, but there was plenty of scope to do that on the saddle. Richards guitars fitted the pre amp i ordered, and it sounds just great.
I plan to visit the showroom very soon (this week in fact), as on the strength of my dealings with the team at RG and their excellent advice and service i've paid a deposit and ordered another guitar, steel strung this time, so during the visit we'll see if i stick with my original order or change to something other when given the chance to play and compare the wonderful guitar offerings with different woods and body shapes side by side. really looking forward to that experience.
So, to sum up, If you're looking to buy a guitar, do yourself a favour and explore the lesser known makes that are still batch and hand made by genuine masters of their craft who live for and love what they do.
And buy that guitar from Richards Guitars who take customer care and service to level uncommon in this 'buy it today - get it tomorrow' world of homogenized, boring, also ran, factory built boxes with strings on.

Dominic F.
I am so happy with this amazing guitar

This is my second purchase from RIchards Guitars and the first one was great but this was even better. The service was fantastic and the guitar is even better than I has hoped for. Incredible sustain and dynamics with a rich, smooth tone.


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Europes Leading Dowina Guitar Specialist

If you haven't heard of Dowina Guitars - Its very sad - but I am not surprised!

Like all the best things in life, they are rarely easy to find - especially in this World of mass production and marketing that dominates every industry.

Dowina consists of an amazing team of passionate luthiers based in Europe who have literally turned my World upside down with their unique and wonderful approach to building guitars.

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