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Eastman AC122-1CE Classic Electro Acoustic Guitar

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Customer Reviews

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Paul B.
Paul Binding

Purchased an Eastman AC 122- 1CE a few months ago now after falling for this guitar from just a picture.
After reading some reviews and talking to Richard and the lads from the workshop I made the purchase.
The guitar took a while to arrive but well worth the wait even better in the flesh so to speak, took a while to get used to the new set up and feel of this guitar as very different from my old 70's Yamaha.
But now I have the feel for this guitar it is absolutely magical and plug it in wow it virtually plays itself.
The craftsmanship is outstanding and second to none the guitar has a smooth mellow colour which matches it's tone fantastic.
Cannot thank Richard's Guitars enough for all their support and guidance.

Neale W.
Overall its a quality instrument.

Overall its a quality instrument. Sounds amazing, looks amazing and has clearly been built to a high standard. It ticks all the boxes for recording and playing live. The price point of £600 is well worth the money as the guitar will hold its own against more expensive so called Brands like Taylor and Martin. Very satisfied customer.

Andrew D.
This could become a habit...

Absolutely delighted with my AC122, and very grateful to Richard & his colleagues for being so generous with their time & patience, and efficient communication whilst I made up my mind to take a 1CE, instead of a 2CE, with a brief dalliance with the prospect an E2-OM. I may yet return for the latter.

Without the opportunity to try any of these guitars during the last year, I’ve been delighted to discover that the AC122 is an above average instrument, sounding immediately of a higher quality than I’ve been used to, in appearance & build and is sonically joyous to hear whilst playing; and I believe it to be perfectly setup too.

My growing experience might well cost me more money, as I improve my playing, and as I realise how to spend it wisely, but on the evidence of this Eastman, I am very likely to buy another. Fingers crossed I can do so sooner rather than later, and from Richard & co. too.

Many thanks!

Amazing guitar backed up by great service

I was originally looking for a Faith guitar because I thought they looked really nice but I called up the shop to ask about the stock. I told the guys at the shop about my playing preference and they recommended this to me instead. I was a bit skeptical because it was over £100 cheaper but I'm so glad I went with this.

First off, the service is amazing, they communicate with you every step of the way and never take more than a day to answer any questions on Facebook Messenger. They took into account the fact that I'm a beginner (only been playing for 2 months) and so they lowered the action for me. The delivery took 11 days which isn't as fast as other places but then again, what other places do you know that give you a free setup? None. The setup was done really well and it's saved me getting it set up at a local guitar shop so I'm more than happy to wait a bit longer when I get a guitar that's set up so well. Thats, why I went with Richard. 11 days really, isn't that long anyway...

The thing I love about this shop and Richard is the passion. It is clear that Richard loves what he does. It really does feel like the guitars and customers come first and the money comes second. I love that. It beats buying from any mainstream guitar shop any day.

As for the guitar, woah. It sounds exactly how I hoped it would. Really nice projection and it is just as bright as I like it. Leagues above my Fender FA125 that I was learning on. The guitar feels really nicely made and the wood is clearly a good quality. It also holds its tune really well, which I was slightly concerned about.

All in all, I don't have a bad thing to say. This is the longest review I've ever done on anything but I'm genuinely over the moon!
Big thanks to the team.

Tom W.
Eastman AC122-1CE

Firstly I want to say that I watch Richard on youtube and appreciate his passion for guitars and the unique service he provides for customers. I really hope he continues to do well.

However, I have to say I was slightly disappointed in terms of communication after sale. It’s great that Richards updates customers are their guitar goes through the workshop process, but I didn’t receive anything for over 2 weeks since ordering on 2nd December. When I rang the shop, all I had to do was let Richards know that I wanted the guitar before Xmas and it was fast tracked to the workshop and did eventually arrive on 23rd December. Quite disappointing that if I didn’t ring, I wouldn’t have received before Xmas because I was told guitars could take up to 2 weeks to come. I appreciate this period has been very busy but some transparency around delivery expectations wouldn’t have gone a miss.

Review on the Eastman:

Really beautiful guitar. I’m fairly new to playing and have been learning on a Martin junior. The Eastman is superior in every way. I don’t believe you can get an all solid wood guitar of this quality anywhere else for the price. It has fantastic tonal range and great balance. I’m a huge fan of the classic stain. It has a VERY high action. I actually had to get this lowered by my local guitar shop. I can’t blame Richards as I didn’t specifically request a low action, but definitely something to bare in mind.

This is the letter I sent to Tom when he shared his review online...

Hi Tom

Really sad to read your review.

You cannot begin to imagine the pressure we are under at Christmas in a normal year.

Black Friday causes an enormous volume of orders - even in a normal year.

Add to this a global pandemic which is causing untold stress - delays on customer orders - it goes on and on

Then - BREXIT. All our european customers unsure whether to cancel their orders - none of us knowing what will happen if we even send the guitar through a courier service not equipped with the knowledge of how to process the order.

Because we care passionately about not letting people down - We tried SO hard to ensure that anyone who needed their guitar for Christmas - got it for Christmas and I am proud of the contact we had with you because ultimately you can contact us at any stage too if you need us.

I am sad to hear the action moved in transit. Naturally I havent checked your order for any reference to your personalised set up requirements because without fail we ALWAYS adhere to these. IF you didnt provide us any specific details then we would naturally assume you want a nice playable action that could suit a range of styles - but wouldnt be the lowest because a low action can cause its own issues with detuning / capo use / change of strings etc.

I would like to pay you for the charges you incurred having your guitar reset - so let me know what you paid. Obviously we would have done this for you but it would have involved hassle sending it back and caused you further inconvenience.

A call would have been nice to tell us of your issues - as the whole point of waiting for your guitar is for the setup.

Anyway - sorry you felt so let down


Eastman AC122-1CE Classic Electro Acoustic Guitar, Electro Acoustic Guitar for sale at Richards Guitars.
Eastman AC122-1CE Classic Electro Acoustic Guitar Sale price£ 549.00 Regular price£ 699.00

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