Vintage Electric Guitars

Vintage Electric Guitars


    Important Notice Regarding Our Supply Of Vintage Guitars

    The price includes the very same level of quality control, set up process  and follow up services that are provided to anyone buying a premium priced guitar.  This service is imperative in providing you the very best example of the guitar (as they are built to a budget and fine details in mass production cost money - and would increase the price of the guitar if done in the factory)

    If we can improve a £1500 guitar for a customer who travels hundreds of miles to experience our service just imagine what we do to a £200 to £400 guitar.

    It is impossible to do this at a heavily discounted price - there just is not the margin at this price point so when comparing prices please do think very carefully as to what your are buying into. 

    The setup alone is worth £55 - I personally play test your guitar pre dispatch and we then provide 2 return visits for checks and resets all inclusive of the price.  This full package of services is worth over £100

    I am available all hours for advice post sale.  It is all part of the service.  If this is for you, then we can help!

    12 Months Interest Free Credit is available on all Vintage Guitars