Auden Neo Electro Acoustic Guitars

Auden Neo Series Electro Acoustic Guitars


    Auden Neo electro acoustic guitars are simply DIVINE.

    Sadly they are often in very short supply because they are totally 100% hand made - partly in a small workshop in China and then completed here in the UK in the Auden Guitars workshop (also home to Gordon Smith guitars).

    The unique way in which Auden Guitars are bringing UK guitarists genuine hand built guitars at a crazy affordable price is to be commended and supported - especially when the result is extraordinary.

    You wont find many Auden Neo series around as they just cannot make many but please if you do get the opportunity to visit us we will hopefully open your eyes and ears to some incredible acoustic guitars that will make you question what you are paying for in more mainstream guitar shops.

    So - The Auden Neo electro acoustics combine all solid woods with state of the art electronics.

    The Auden Neo Chester is for players who want a dreadnought as the lower bout is dreadnought width but the smaller upper bout gives the guitar an incredibly comfortable feel and it really doesnt feel like you have a dreadnought in your hands at all.

    The result is a big open sound, comfortable feel and a guitar hopefully you will cherish for a long time.