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Auden Black Series Electro Acoustic Guitars

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The Complete Auden 2023 Collection

Scroll down to see an overview Of and links to this year's range.

Live help is available most hours. for any questions you may have.

We deliver worldwide but also provide a private "showroom experience"

We can take calls on 01789 263333 during office hours

Every Auden guitar is setup in our workshop to your personal playing requirements

We are the UKs leading Auden Guitar Specialists - so you are in safe heands!

Stunningly Elegant stripped back tone machines


Words cannot describe how much I love these guitars and these guitars alone put similarly priced mainstream American brands in the shade.

Acoustically - rich, warm, sweet and powerful. Stunningly resonant

Priced at under £1000 with the awesome Brad Clarke electronics built in.

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The Neo Series Electronics...

The SuperNatural Analogue system is side-mounted to the upper bout of the guitar allowing for ease of visibility and adjustability. The Analogue System features the same pre-amp, six individual under-saddle pole pieces and a face sensor that can be found in the Digital System. The Analogue System has a bass, treble and a blend allowing the user to blend the face sensor in and out. 


Cedar Tops combined with mahogany back and sides guarantees a beautiful warm tone as well as a lovely warm look. The Tobacco is also the first series with the full Brad Clarke electronics

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Smouldering smokehouse! Utterly gorgeous. Their dark satin stain really is totally beautiful and give them a cool down to Earth vibe.

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Mahogany & Rosewood

The core of the Auden flagship models are made up of the mahogany and rosewood series. Exquisite styling - full gloss - World Class Tone. You will find most body shapes available in these ranges

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Black Series are spruce top with mahogany back and sides in glorious gloss black - ready to perform

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Maple & Goldenburst

Hand selected AAAA Spruce combined with AAAA Flame Maple Back & Sides.

Stunning Flame Maple Necks

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Grand Auditoriun


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Grand Auditorium


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Larger GA / Mini Jumbo

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Larger GA / Mini Jumbo

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Dreadnought Cutaway


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