Auden Electro Acoustic Guitars

Auden Electro Acoustic Guitars


    February 2022 Update:  Auden Electro Acoustic guitars are once again back in stock in limited supplies.  Covid has been a nightmare for all small guitar builders providing bespoke work but finally we have more World Class electro acoustic guitars from Auden here for you now!  

    UK based Auden Guitars are hand made Custom Shop acoustic & electro acoustic guitars.

    An Auden guitars life begins in the hands of a highly skilled luthier based in a small workshop in China where the initial construction takes place.

    Only AAA grade tone woods are used and are personally hand selected by Doug from Auden!

    Upon arrival in England at the Auden workshop completion of the final neck angle adjustment, nut placement, fitting, saddle adjustment, Schertler electronics, machine heads and professional setup take place.

    This wonderful mix of skills from China and here in the UK result is a stunning acoustic guitar of the highest quality.  

    Designed in the UK and co-built and setup in the UK by the wonderful guys who also build the  UK made (and legendary!) Gordon Smith electric guitars - I am so excited to be working with the Auden workshop.

    Stunning guitars at a fraction of the price of similar quality products of an American origin.