Godin Release Awesome Godin Progression Plus

Here is the first pic of the wonderful new Godin Progression Plus.

I have one on the way over.  Once I saw the pic I just had to have one!

They have ensured the body contors on this new model are more rounded from the original progression models which I love the look of.  The JB Jnr in the bridge ensures you can blast out all the lead solos whilst retaining the classic strat style look.  Personally I love the ability to get more gain on the bridge but hate looking at a humbucker on a strat style guitar - strange but I am sure many agree.  Any Godin that features the active revoicer is versatillity overload with combinations of active and passive tones at your fingertips.

I will bring you more pictures of the Godin Progression Plus when it finally arrives in the next few weeks...

UPDATE.  Click HERE for more details and photos of the Godin Progression Plus - along with catalog details.  Now in stock!