December 05, 2012


New website address ...

Well its less letters to remember right?!!

For those of you who remember my Regent Guitars days I am bringing my old logo back to life which I have a designer helping me with right now (The "R").  I was always immensly proud of the R logo which was my symbol of quality.  Well I thought it was fitting with my new years focus to bring this back to life and with it "" - less letters and to me very relevant.

As you may know I also own which is my forum and classifieds.  This kind of brings these 2 closer together with just the R seperating them so thats quite nice and tidy I think. will continue of course, the old site will continue for some time to come until I am 100% happy with the new site (here).  At some point when I am happy I would intend to redirect all traffic to this one but that will be some way away yet.

Hope you like the new domain name

November 30, 2012


Shop Makeover in December

well, I have ordered the wood floor, a couple of sets of lights and getting the paint on Sunday and fingers crossed next Sunday/Monday I may have a nice new look for my acoustic area.  If I am happy with the theme I will do my best to get the whole showroom looking a little more classy.

My main aim is for the showroom to look inviting, clean, classy and calming with an air of quality!

2013 is about cementing my position as a totally bespoke, professional consultant in guitars.  if you want mainstream high street BS you are in the wrong place.

I really hope you all like the developments I am putting place both in store and online.....fingers crossed.
November 30, 2012


Epiphone Les Paul Zak Wylde 2004 with Active EMG pickups

This model is 10 years old and has a fantastic aged feel about it yet condition is totally A1. Just arrived so no pics yet but let me know if you want pictures before I get the guitar officially listed.
November 30, 2012


Looking for my old website & blog? is currently still functioning as normal and my previous blog posts can be found at

My new site (here) has a self contained blog so it should be much easier for you to now see my latest news without getting lost!!

When I am 100% happy with the new site and everything seems to be working ok I will transfer the domain name across.

In the mean time feel free to browse either site - my live help is available as always whichever site you are looking at.

November 30, 2012


December 2012 - New Website Update

 Well I am working on adding all the products as fast as I can but I am hoping to have a fully working site by January 2013.

In the mean time feel free to browse the site as I work on it.  I will be adding news, new products and used guitar to the NEW site so keep your eyes peeled.

November 30, 2012


Gibson 1980 Les Paul Standard

 Just arrived in today!  A wonderful piece of Gibson History but also a fantastic playing / sounding example.  Frets are excellent with no dents and the overall condition for its age is superb.  Lovely wearing to the neck which all adds to the vintage vibe.

Call me on 01789 263333 to discuss this beauty further!

November 25, 2012


Happy New Year!

New Year!  New Website!  New Forum!  Same ol' Richard!  

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