£100 of "Workshop Time" On Every Guitar Sold

guitar_repair_2I read recently on a guitar techs blog that you get "nothing for nothing" in todays World - and in this instance he was indeed talking about "freebie" setups on guitars when sold.

I couldn't help feeling a little like this was a sideways jab at my service?

This chap should really spend a day in my store as I would hate to be tainted with such generalisations!

Not only is every guitar sold meticulously set up, but every guitar sold is also an advert for the quality of workmanship you can expect to receive if you bring your own guitar in for a setup too.  The last thing I would do is cut corners on my promotional "tool".

The setup is only ONE aspect of the service.  It all starts with the initial quality control where upon I and the technicians decide whether the guitar meets the level of quality we would expect at the price.  This is not just geometric issues but cosmetic too.  If its got a flame top, does the flame show well enough?  If it has a burst finish, does it burst correctly?  Cracks, dimples and over buffed tops are all a no no.  They get returned and sold through another retailer or online store.

I rely on every customer being overjoyed with their new guitar and it is this word of mouth promotion of my service ethic that has ensured I remain busy week in week out, helping customers with their guitar needs.

My integrity on every sale has to be absolute.   Belief in my service is what drives me and the person who I am trying to keep happy - is me.  I could not live with the fact a guitar left my premises below my own personal expectation.

The setup value alone is worth £55 but it doesn't stop there.

If you buy a guitar from me you can then bring it back in 6 and 12 months time to have it checked over and we will make any further adjustments that may be necessary.  Guitars do take time to settle once set up and small adjustments are common in the 6 month checks.  As well as checking the instrument, we give the guitar a bit of a spruce up and bring it back to its former glory.   In terms of time spent on your guitar, each maintanence visit is worth £25 of workshop time.  I know, because I have to pay the techs to work on the guitars!!  I don't resent a penny though and am deeply proud of the service I offer.

So the next time a tech says to you "You get nothing for nothing in this life", remember Richards Guitars and remind him of the service I offer.

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