Shop Relocation Update Wed 09 June

Well its all getting very exciting for me now - nearly there!  But not quite!

So I have all the hangers up and have a lot of the stock on display and will have this completed by Friday evening.

We have the workshop all set up - we just need to fix a few things to walls here and there.

The sign writer has started  work on the front of the shop and fingers crossed this will be largely completed by Friday night too.

Also on Friday I have some cleaners contracted to clean the in and outside of the windows and exterior walls which are filthy from the grime off the road.

So by Saturday I should possibly resemble a working operation! Hoooraaa!  But I will keep you posted.

I have this idea for stacking guitar boxes around the perimiter of the rooms and hiding them behind curtains (its hard to describe!) but that will take a little while to get arranged - can't do everything at once however much I try.

IF you were considering visiting on Saturday I would just warn you that the private parking is literally being "block paved" and landscaped ( I kid you not!!!!!) and is full of workmen etc.

I will certainly give you another update and some pictures when its all done but as of Monday I am certainly back to being operational in store.

Ohhh its all exciting stuff and really looking forward to giving you all the green light - but don't visit until I feel comfortable ok?  Well.... its up to you of course.  Just dont moan at me if the signs arent up, or prices arent on the guitars or you cant park your car.... do I worry too much?

More News...

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