Ranking #2 on Google today for "buy used guitars" and other key phrases

Buy Used Guitars

Click Here  for the top UK site for used guitars for sale

As always I am keeping my eye on site rankings and http://www.guitars.co.uk now ranks extremely well (first page) for a whole variety of key phrases relating to used guitars -  such as buy used guitars, used guitars for sale, used guitars, sell used guitar etc.

With 20,000 visitors last month alone guitars.co.uk is a powerful tool for selling your used/second hand guitar.

It only costs £5 until sold bypassing all the commission I would normally earn if I sold it in the shop on your behalf.

However, for some, it is much more convenient to drop your guitar with me and just wait for the phone to ring when I have sold it for you.

You may just require the cash right now in which case I will always consider a straight cash purchase too - whatever works for you.

Either way, I can help you, along with my trusty friend guitars.co.uk!

Please call me on 01789 26 33 33 for further details on how I can buy/sell your guitar.

If you are LOOKING for a used guitar - you have found the right place!  I always have a wide variety of interesting, quality used guitars - every one hand finished in our workshop pre sale, meticulously quality controlled and will normally play BETTER than new (IE hand finished rather than straight from the factory!).

Again, just call me for details or visit my used guitar section at Richards Guitars which I try and keep updated but things move fast so ALWAYS a good idea to call me as I may have something coming in to suit you.

Hope to speak to you soon!

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