NEW SERVICE. Used Guitar APPRAISAL Service (Includes FREE Advert on

I am really excited about this new service which has evolved from my experiences running Richards Guitars and

Imagine the scene...

You have a guitar for sale and a potential customer on the phone.  They want peace of mind that what you are saying is fact!

Wouldn't it be nice if you could show them feedback such as this to give them peace of mind?

Imagine if you had 16 years of trusted service in the Industry to give your potential buyer confidence.  Well this is where I come in!

My reputation for honesty and transparency when it comes to advice on guitars is without question and this can now help you with your private sale.

You may not wish to give away  a commission by having me sell the guitar for you but you may want to benefit from my personal appraisal on your guitar - an appraisal that you can forward to any potential buyer to give them complete confidence in you and the guitar you have for sale.

It works like this:

You bring in your guitar and I give the guitar a remedial overview - nothing too heavy I promise - but enough to ensure the guitar performs as it should, checking the general condition,playability etc.  I will then list your guitar for sale in my new section of my site "Private Sales  - Appraised by Richard"

My personal views on your guitar will be available on the site for either you or a potential customer to reference.

You will also receive a complimentary advert on which I will create while you wait, linking your appraisal at Richards Guitars to it.

The fee for this service?  Just £20

I do hope you like the idea!

More News...

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