Goulding Guitars - Goulding Stack UK Hand Made Electric Guitar (Aluminium)

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Goulding Guitars have been available directly from Tony Goulding (the builder) for a couple of years now but I have been chatting with them about their fantastic guitars and expressed my interest in spreading the word!

I am still compiling my information but you can order your Goulding Stack online from Richards Guitars, central UK specialist or call 01789 263333 to register your interest.

Available to test drive in store.

Your Goulding Stack can be made in around 3 weeks from order and a number of bespoke options are available, anything from a wooden neck to gold frets!  I (Richard) can help you with your own personal requirements and provide a quote accordingly but rest assured more details will follow as we get them.

It has to be seen in the flesh to fully appreciate the beauty of this guitar so pop in any time.

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