The Crafter SAT Electric/Acoustic Hybrid Is SO MUCH FUN!

If you are considering  what your next electric or electro acoustic should be, why not get both in one?  The Crafter SAT is a stunning guitar which enables you to blend the neck P90 pickup by Kent Armstrong with an LR Baggs under saddle transducer for the acoustic tone.

Output is stereo enabling you to play through an electric and acoustic amp seperately, therefore making the most of the tones it produces and also enables you to generate some stunning hybrid tones you never knew were possible.

All in all this is a seriously fun instrument - I spend ages on it once I get it plugged in.... which is never good for my working day!!

When you take into account the incredibly good build quality, awesome finish and the fact it comes with a hard case too I really cannot believe how it is possible to sell this guitar for just £539!

Pop in and try one or chat to me online if you would like to know more information.

Click here for more details in the catalog or to buy online.


Click on the pictures below for some nice close ups...

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