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Electric Guitar Starter Packages

Electric Guitar Starter Packages

Every electric guitar starter package we recommend comes with a 50% OFF PRO SETUP voucher!

If you don't know what a setup is - basically its UNBELIEVABLY important!!

Once you have your guitar professionally setup - it will be inspiring to play and make your guitar "journey" so much easier and enjoyable.

BECAUSE you won't appreciate how important the setup is - we don't make you have it - but we DO want you to know about it - as few sellers will tell you about it as they dont want to create a "barrier to sale" and setups are very time consuming - hence why our professional setups cost £90.

If you want to use your voucher (worth £45) in advance of the delivery, we have provided you the setup option which you can add to your cart.  This will ensure the guitar receives the additional work before the guitar is dispatched - for just £45.

Electric Guitar Starter Packages

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