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Dowina Figured Ebony GAC DS Master Build

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mark C.
Special purchase

Wanted something different. Saw Dowina at Richard's Guitars. Contacted staff and custom ordered the guitar. They put me in touch with Dowina and I picked the ebony plate for the back of the guitar. Nothing too much trouble. Wow, when it arrived, plays great, looks perfect and set up to perfection. Thanks to everyone at Richard's Guitars and Dowina. Highly Recommended.

Kris S.

Absolutely great quality and great service. Have purchased many guitars from here all perfectly set up. Will continue to he my no 1 shop for guitars

Thank you so much for your kind review. It really does mean a lot to me - and the team. (and WHAT a guitar!!)

Simon W.
An angel in ebony

Richards Guitars don't sell you a guitar. It's more like a dating agency. One where the objects of desire look (much) better in real life than the photographs.

If you ever get the chance to visit Richard and his team's show room you're gonna be in for a treat. Far from the madding crowds of today's interpretation of a music store. Richards Guitars is a leather clad sofa haven.

Gentle conversations sway between the precision of good advice to the shrill of child-like excitement within this beautifully curated store.

After numerous telephone conversations and a crash course in patience. The door knock I'd been waiting for bought me this sublime piece of sculpture (see photographs). Perfectly packaged, perfectly set up and perfectly in tune.

Who could ask for more?

Q. Would I buy again from RG?
A. If he doesn't sell it? I ain't buying it.

Richard T.
Richard T

I ordered a Dowina master build Ebony with a Cedar top over the phone with Richard who gave me every confidence i was doing the right thing , it took a while longer to come than estimated but when it did arrive it was set up how i had asked with the strings of my choice , i have several high end acoustic guitars & this Dowina is easily as good as any of the others i own , the tone is to die for and the sustain is out of this world . This is the second guitar i've had from Richard and it probably wont be the last .If your thinking about buying a guitar from this shop just go and see them or have a chat on the phone and you'll realise very quickly how passionate and knowledgeable every member of staff is about what they sell . loving the guitar & thanks


Europes Leading Dowina Guitar Specialist

If you haven't heard of Dowina Guitars - Its very sad - but I am not surprised!

Like all the best things in life, they are rarely easy to find - especially in this World of mass production and marketing that dominates every industry.

Dowina consists of an amazing team of passionate luthiers based in Europe who have literally turned my World upside down with their unique and wonderful approach to building guitars.

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