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Dowina Merlot BV Spruce / Macacauba Parlor Guitar

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Paul M.
My little box of joy

I just love this little guitar: it’s as simple as that. I already owned two beautiful Furchs- a Yellow and a Grand Nylon- both bought from Richard, but had been mulling over the merits of spending even more on something smaller. I was wondering about something that I that I could play outside in the garden, where I spend a lot of time, play near my dogs without worrying about a neck getting damaged as they hurl their bulk around, teach my granddaughters the basics on and, well, just having a sort of ‘grab and go’, smallish, utility instrument. I had almost talked myself into spending money that I couldn’t really afford to on another Furch (possibly Vintage 1 OOM) when I spotted an article Richard posted about this guitar. I was intrigued, by the wood as much as anything, and did a bit of quick research on Dowina Parlour guitars. I liked what I read and one of those rushes of blood to the head, to which I am prone, saw me order it that evening. When it arrived I was initially a little shocked by just how small it is...definitely satisfying that part of my wish list. But, what a sound! I simply can’t understand how such a small body can produce the volume and the sustain that it does. It is just lovely to play, perfectly set up in Richards workshop, and I think the open-pore Macacauba is a thing of understated beauty. I also love the Dowina style as it has a simplicity, almost an artisan charm, that I find endearing. The tone is richer than I expected, clear with a lovely and lingering bell-like intensity in the mid-range. It obviously doesn’t have the lower end ‘oomph‘ that a bigger guitar would but I didn’t expect it to. I am predominantly a (not very good) fingerstyle player and it is brilliant for that. I worry that it is so easy to grab, cart around, have close to hand that I might neglect my Czech beauties (I won’t of course). My wife jokes that it is my new shadow. So, what more can I say? It is simply a beautiful little box of fun and I love it to bits.


Europes Leading Dowina Guitar Specialist

If you haven't heard of Dowina Guitars - Its very sad - but I am not surprised!

Like all the best things in life, they are rarely easy to find - especially in this World of mass production and marketing that dominates every industry.

Dowina consists of an amazing team of passionate luthiers based in Europe who have literally turned my World upside down with their unique and wonderful approach to building guitars.

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