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Vintage* V6JMH Electric Guitar

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Bogdan C.
Good service

I initially ordered a jmh model but due to supplier shortage and me not having the patience to wait we ended up agreeing on the vintage white model. The same sort of guitar but without the iconic reverse headstock. The guitar arrived in time for Christmas and almost in tune after traveling from the UK to Ireland and it looked like someone did indeed spend some time on it as the frets are beautiful with no dead spots. Action on arrival was a bit high but had no issue adjusting it to my liking. I would say it's really worth it to go with Richard if you can get to the shop to avail of the free 6 month and 1 year checkup, however since I'm based in Ireland I can't really get that. All in all was pleased with the experience and would give it 4.5 out of 5. Will probably buy something else from them in the future unless I see something at my local dealer. Oh, the guitar stays in tune much better if you deck the bridge using 5 springs as it took some time to settle with the shipped floating trem

Alan W.
Vintage V6 LB Laguna Blue

I ordered my guitar through Richards guitars because of a previous bad experience buying a guitar online. I ordered a Vintage V6 from an online retailer in Ireland. The guitar was delivered within a couple of days of ordering and looked great. However I could never get it to play in tune accurately. I eveentually took it to a guitar luthier who discovered it the scale length was too short by half a centimeter and therefore impossible to intonate properly. It was replaced but cost me £40 to send it back not to mention the time and frustration spent in sorting it out.

I ordered the V6jmh from Richards guitars and after a couple of weeks I emailed to find out how long it would be. They had forgotten to tell me it was out of stock. They apologized and I asked them to change the guitar order to a V6mrlb Icon (distressed) which was in stock. The guitar came about 10 days later. However it was not the distressed version but the standard version V6LB.

However I am very pleased with this guitar. It plays in tune throughout the fretboard sounds great and does not need to go to a guitar luthier. I cannot detect any difference in sound between this and an American Standard Stratocaster owned by my guitar teacher.

I would thoroughly recommend Richard's Guitars as they are communicative and will sort any issues out quickly. They are keen to provide a good sevice. I would advise the following:

Check on their stock before ordering.
Be clear about what guitar you are ordering, not just the number but the description as well.

Hi. I am really sorry about any initial issues and it also seems there was a communication issue over the replacement color as I knew it was the V6LB I was recommending - ohhhh dear.... Hand on heart, selling Vintage guitars can be a major headache. Obviously they are built to a price but when we have finished with them they are brilliant (or they get rejected). From my perspective as they are right at the lower end of what we sell. I sell them purely so that people who want a budget price point can get one beautifully set up. When we sell a £200 guitar with a pro setup and all the additional value added, hand on heart its a loss leader BUT I am proud of this aspect of my service. What makes it SO much more painful is we screwed up. So very very sorry for the issues and the only thing I can say is thank you for your patience and as I am sure you appreciate the end product was lovely.... all be it not the colour you asked for...!!!!!

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