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Vintage* VS6VW Electric Guitar

Sale price£ 337.00 Regular price£ 449.00
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Matteo P.
If you can forgive second rate fit and finish, go for it.

The guitar, with the Custom Pro update, plays amazingly well, there's not much too say about it as it just gets out of the way.
I had already orderer a Dowina Pure from RG and I knew what to expect: everything worked perfectly, Jon and Jake were super fast and nice via e-mail, and the guitar was set-up exactly as I requested (the £45 is a no-brainer).
The package was UPS-proof.
In terms of tone the guitar does exactly what you expect it to do and, to my ears, it does it well.
I'm not sure how much this is due to Richards' tech set-up, but the fretwork is super smooth and the neck is a joy.
If everything sounds too good for the price, there is a catch, and only you can decide whether it bothers you (I'll attach a few pictures).
In order to keep the price this low, a lot of corners have been cut in terms of fit and finish.
First of all the most annoying thing: the headstock logo is visibly tilted. No logo would be much better than this.
The paintjob was probably made on a friday afternoon: there are a lot of little bubbles and imprecisions and stains, there are black "stripes" behind the neck, in the binding there are stains of different colours, and the finish at the base of the neck is atrocious. To be honest though, a lot of people want relic guitars, so to each his own.
The "TREBLE" marking in the pickup selector is partly under the selector as it is decentered, the volume and tone pots are all at different heights, and so on...
Basically, if you like the SG style and this colour scheme the guitar looks great from some distance, but once you start to get closer it kinda falls apart.
I'm ok with it as I wasn't expecting the moon, but YMMV.
Overall I'm very happy for the purchase and having a lot of fun with it!

Damien R.
My new favorite guitar

The Vintage VS6 is absolutely perfect. The guitar is light, the neck is not to thin, the fretwork is really good and the humbuckers sounds pretty good. This will be the first time that I don’t modify a guitar of this price range. Thanks Richards Guitars!

Vintage* VS6VW Electric Guitar, Electric Guitar for sale at Richards Guitars.
Vintage* VS6VW Electric Guitar Sale price£ 337.00 Regular price£ 449.00

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